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This 3 day bootcamp is a live instructor-led online course. Course will stop for breaks and lunch.

Only 25% of PMOs survive beyond 3 years

Make sure yours is one of them!

A study conducted by PMO Global Institute found that 75% of PMOs fail within the first 3 years. Establishing the PMO successfully requires a strong foundation with critical components. Applying these principles are important, whether you are just starting out or working to improve your PMO structure. Led by industry experts, this comprehensive course will equip you with the tools to drive PMO success and take your career to the next level. There is no time like the present to be successful!
Layers to PMO

Introducing the Essential PMO Framework Program

CB-PMO Certification Training

Unlock the key to successful PMO management with our 21 hour online live instructor-led Essential PMO Framework Course. Master the essential framework needed to structure a PMO and gain the knowledge and skills to pass the CB-PMO exam. Led by industry experts, this comprehensive course will equip you with the tools to drive PMO success and take your career to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your PMO expertise. Enroll now!
PMEvolve - The PMO Essential Framework Course

What are your PMO challenges?

Are you struggling with PMO structure, influence, authority or perhaps funding or resourcing? 

Is your ability to demonstrate measurable value stalled?  

This program will help you to structure your PMO using a solid PMO Framework and will help you identify if any  gaps;  in alignment, structure, support, adoption, experience, skills,  training, methodologies  or approach exist. Ensuring that your PMO is setup for success is not an accident and having to apply a "trial and error" approach is not necessary. 

In this program you will develop a plan to identify and plug those gaps such as how to strategically align the PMO, manage expectations, quantify performance, improve your pmo services, tools and techniques and to set your PMO up for a stellar 2023!

You will also be prepared to write the Certified Baseline - PMO Consultant exam for PMO Global Institute should you wish to pursue your designation.

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Solving the 8 critical issues to failing PMOs

The CB-PMO Framework is designed to properly setup your PMO and solve for these all too common issues. Any of these sound familiar?

  • Do you find it difficult to quantify PMO value?

  • Does your organization struggle with good process adoption?

  • Does it feel as though your PMO is more of a policing unit than partner?

  • Is it difficult to capture real-time information on projects progress?

  • Your sponsor does not realize PMO Benefits or play an active role in its development.

  • Do you find your PMO under resourced compared to the services expected?

  • Do you find executives or other key stakeholders try to side step governance?

  • Does your PMO lack the authority required to be successful?

  • Do any of these sound familiar? Don't worry - you are not alone. In this course, you will be equipped with the tools and techniques needed to effectively manage project portfolios, learn the critical framework to structure a PMO, gain the knowledge and skills to face these challenges and deliver value to your organization. And, by successfully completing the course, you will be eligible to take the CB-PMO certification exam. This globally recognized certification demonstrates your expertise in PMO management and can be a valuable asset in your career advancement. Build your PMO the right way and take your pmo career to the next level!

Make 2023 a stellar year!

Build a successful PMO that is value and results driven.

Here's What You'll Get...

  • 21 hr Training Course (Virtual)

    This live instructor led course is conducted online. Ask your instructor questions, learn and share with other participants.

  • PMOGuidebook First Edition

    Receive the Project Management Office (PMO) Guidebook , digital edition, to support your learning.

  • PMO Global Institute Regular Annual Membership for one year

    Receive a complimentary one year Regular Membership to PMO Global Institute; the largest global PMO membership.

  • Course Certificate of Completion

    Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion .

  • 21 Professional Development Units

    Apply your training towards your Professional Development Unit requirement.

  • Exam Practice Portal

    Get access to PMO Global Institute's Exam Practice Portal and get ready for the CB-PMO certification.


With the purchase of this course, you will also get ...

  • $200 Exam Voucher

    When you are ready to get CB-PMO certified, we'll chip in $200! Once you are ready to write PMO Global Institute's CB-PMO online exam, register through PMEvolve and get $200 off the certification fee.

  • LinkedIn Group

    Join like-minded PMO professionals in conversation about their experiences. You will be registered into this private members only group where you can share successes, lessons learned, tips and also participate in live sessions to give you that help in shaping the best PMO possible. You will have ongoing access to this group even after the course is done!

  • One-on-one Coaching Call

    Need some more guidance? Have a one-on-one coaching call with your instructor to go over any questions you have about the material or about your particular PMO.

What you get with this program...

21 Hour Course
One year Regular Membership to PMO Global Institute  plus PMO Guidebook (digital edition)
Course Certificate of Completion
Bonus 1: CB-PMO Exam Voucher

Bonus 2: Ongoing LinkedIn Group Membership

Bonus 3: Coaching Call
Bonus 4: PMO Global Exam Simulator
Increased Success Rate


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Make 2023 a stellar year!

Build a successful PMO that is value and results driven.

Course curriculum

  1. Course Overview & Introduction

  2. The Many Facets of PMOs

  3. The PMO Framework

  4. Foundation Layer

  5. Executable Layer

  6. Supporting Layer

About this course

  • $1,997.00
  • 10 lessons


Managing Partner Sandra Boyle

With twenty years experience as a project professional, Sandra has hired, trained and coached many project managers in the project portfolios and project management offices that she has run. She’s an expert at establishing and directing strategic project management offices. She’s applied her expertise across different industries including air transportation, healthcare, software and technology, finance, logistics, and various levels of government, and working with major corporate brands and government bodies. This diversity of experience enables her to build and lead top-performing teams, with strategic acumen, change management, and coaching. Sandra is a relatable and enthusiastic instructor and has taught and coached over a thousand learners in project management.
CB-PMO Badge

Why Get CB-PMO Certified?

  • Successful framework.

    PMOs vary from organization to organization but the keys to success do not.  Based on PMO Global Institute's PMO Guidebook, applying the principles of the 26 essential elements of a PMO framework is critical to success. 

  • Communicates credibility.

    ​By carrying this international designation, you demonstrate that you possess the knowledge to structure and guide PMOs. It can sometimes feel lonely when trying to guide your organization; the CB-PMO designation communicates your credibility to your organization.

  • Internationally recognized.

    CB-PMO certified practitioners are located in more than XX countries around the world and is the fastest growing PMO designation worldwide.

  • Builds team alignment.

    By encouraging key stakeholders and PMO team members to become certified, you grow your organization's knowledge of successful PMO development and improve the success and longevity of your PMO.

  • CB-PMO, PMOGI-ABP, PMOGI-ABPI are the registered trademark of PMO Global Institute Inc.

Make 2023 a stellar year!

Build a successful PMO that is value and results driven.

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